Banking & Finance

The practice of banking and financial law is one of the leading practices of our firm. The activities of our clients engaged in active and profitable businesses are inseparably connected with the services of banking, factoring and leasing institutions, and insurance companies. Credits, deposits, accounts, salary projects, project finance, leasing operations, structured financing and many other financial operations are daily life of each dynamic company.

Lawyers of our firm are experienced in providing legal support for each of the above-mentioned transactions.

Experience shows that advice provided by a specialist in the sphere of banking and financial law strengthens our Clients’ position. In particular, a good lawyer is invaluable while concluding loan and pledge agreements or other contracts of similar nature. If addressed before entering into such agreements the lawyers of MVP Legal Group provide Clients with a detailed analysis of their credit and other relations with a bank, discuss terms and provisions of contracts, which are in need of improvement, explain separate provisions of transactions. The Client, be it a legal entity or a private individual, will receive “turnkey” legal advice: from drafting a necessary package of documents to entering into agreement, from opening a bank account to opening a credit-line.


In case there already exist or appear any disputes or misunderstanding, our Clients can rely on the legal support provided by our firm. We will develop a strategy of cooperation for a financial institution with its customers and vice versa. Thus, we will draft all the letters, requests and other documents necessary to initiate negotiations. We shall participate in negotiations with banks and their customers for finding a mutually beneficial decision without referring their dispute to court.


Our specialists are not novices in drafting documents for transactions financed by a bank or another credit institution. We also prepare documents for transactions, where a bank is a party and provide follow up support for such transactions. The lawyers of our firm conduct legal analysis of the investment object for our clients; then they provide a client with complete analysis of the issue and make legal suggestions for entering into a transaction.

Our services are not limited by the territory of Ukraine and cooperation with domestic clients and companies. MVP Legal Group also provides consultations on the issues of international trade finance, currency regulations and control, supports projects with participation of foreign investors, and protects the interests of Ukrainian investors abroad. Among our principal services are due diligence, legal opinions for foreign companies and institutions regarding their activities and transactions in Ukraine.

Considering the abundant experience that our lawyers have amassed in the sphere of real estate and construction we are engaged in projects of financing construction, acquiring land-plots and property complexes, in the operations with real estate and mortgages. To our interests also belong activities on the stock market, trade in securities and legal advice for disclosure of bank secrecy.

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