Taxation is one of the most important questions in business both for private entrepreneurs and corporations. The more successful a company is the higher is the level of responsibility that its taxation officers carry. Currently a large number of Ukrainian enterprises are facing difficulties in this area due to adoption of the new Tax Code.

Changes in the legislation have influenced both domestic and foreign businesses. Foreign companies with subsidiaries, affiliates or representative offices in Ukraine have to solve taxation problems, too. They all ask for advice, explanations and interpretations of the norms of tax legislation. The best advice in this sphere can be provided by the lawyers, who are specializing in tax consulting. Profound knowledge of laws topped by many years of experience that our specialists possess ensures that our clients will always receive thorough advice.

The lawyers of our firm are ready to support your company by suggesting the most successful decisions fully suiting the requirements of your business and its operational standards. Thus, among our most requested services is consulting on the issues of applying the new Tax Code of Ukraine, tax planning for legal entities and for joint activities. Legal services connected with tax refunds, including the VAT refunds, are also in high demand nowadays.

Our lawyers specialising in tax consultancy are always up-to-date with all legislative changes. They will do a professional tax audit of an enterprise, which is an expert evaluation of the company's compliance with the norms of tax legislation. Based on the results of such analysis they will provide you with a list of detected violations and recommendations for their liquidation. Moreover, they will consult on the issues of building an optimal taxation system. In case your company is facing an audit of tax authorities, it is wise to ask your lawyers for a pre-audit examination.

If your company is involved in a tax dispute, MVP Legal Group is ready to support you on all the stages of the dispute. First of all, we will develop a dispute-resolution strategy. Then, depending on the strategy chosen for resolving a tax dispute, we will take all the necessary practical steps starting from participating in negotiations with tax authorities in order to achieve a pre-court resolution of a tax dispute, up to representing the interests of a Client in competent courts.

Our firm also provides services in appealing against decisions of tax authorities, including drafting all the necessary documents. This is a very complex, resources-consuming and painstaking process. To a standard set of documents belong objections against audit certificates, explanations, appeals, motions to suspend enforcement procedures and decisions of tax authorities, appeals against recovery of penalties, and other documents.

Each and every of our Clients receives individual tax advice prepared after a full-scale and detailed analysis of the business and development of an individual taxing strategy. We guarantee complete confidentiality and keeping your trade secrets safe.

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