Dispute Resolution

The law firm MVP Legal Group provides legal support on all the stages of dispute resolution, starting from mediation and pre-court dispute resolution to representation in the courts of all instances, international arbitration and up to enforcement of decisions passed by the national and arbitration courts, including enforcement of foreign judgments on the territory of Ukraine.

We use our extensive experience and understanding of the legal systems where we operate not only to represent a client in court, but also to develop a defense strategy, to develop a legal position for a case, to draft claims, complaints, motions and other procedural documents.

We also provide the following services:

- analysis of risks of appearance of court disputes;

- mediation and pre-court dispute resolution;

- representation and defense of the client's interests in courts of general jurisdiction, commercial, and administrative courts, including the Highest Specialized Courts of Ukraine, as well as in the Supreme Court of Ukraine, international commercial and investment arbitrations;

- representation and defense of the client's interests in the European Court of Human Rights;

- resolution of disputes arising out of anti-trust, tax and customs legislation;

- participation and defense of clients in special investigations;

- participation in bankruptcy proceedings, trans-border bankruptcies, liquidation and restructuring of debts;

- taking part in enforcement proceedings.

The lawyers of the firm have extensive experience in protecting the interests of large national and international corporations in courts of all instances in respect of various corporate conflicts. These disputes included cases of recognizing transactions null and void, challenging the decisions of the companies’ managing bodies, providing the information to the shareholders (participants) of the economic entities, repayment of damages caused by the members of governing bodies of various enterprises, restoration of rights and interests of participants to economic entities, which were violated through withdrawal of assets, and other commercial disputes.

There are no standard methods and instruments for successful dispute-resolution. Each particular case is extremely individual and full of unique circumstances. The procedure of dispute-resolution can sometimes be extremely complex and request laborious efforts. It results from the complicated circumstances of a case, which sometimes may also be purposefully misrepresented or concealed. Of course, in such cases help of a qualified legal consultant, who can take on responsibility and lead the process of dispute-resolution, is invaluable.

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