Relationships of an employer and an employee go through various stages in their development: from employment to termination of cooperation. For all these phases to seamlessly follow each other it is necessary to precisely follow all the legislative norms. Everything is of essence in such relationships: diligent drafting of a labour contract and each of its terms and provisions, professional administration of staff documentation, clear and well-written remuneration policy.

In general, documentary work is extremely important in the sphere of labour law. Labour and collective agreements, staff regulations, the internal labour rules, regulations governing trade secrets, job descriptions, orders and other documents will ensure success and win-win character of labour relations if they have been drafted by professional lawyers. Other methods of managing relations with the staff may lead to conflicts and misunderstandings. The lawyers of our firm are ready to provide professional advice to participants of labour relations and to establish necessary frameworks for effectively preventing labour conflicts.

Our highly professional lawyers will provide support in drafting a labour agreement, analyzing labour documents, consulting all the signatories on the legal nuances. Among the local normative acts, which are necessary for flawless work of a company, are staff regulations, the internal labour rules, regulations governing trade secrets, job descriptions, orders and other documents of similar nature.

At the very beginning of a labour relationship our lawyers specializing on labour law will answer all the questions of an employer and an employee. This legal advice, provided by lawyers specializing in labour law, will prevent conflicts regarding remuneration of labour, social package, illegal dismissal, compensation of damages and repayment of salary arrears. If parties to a labour dispute receive correct legal advice from professional legal practitioners, no labour conflict will end up in court. In case the conflict has already been brought to court, participation of specialists will ensure a victory with minimum investments.

During cooperation of an employer and an employee legal support shall also be useful in the discussions and drafting of respective documents on the issues of remuneration for violation of rights, regulating the working time, payment of salaries and other reimbursements, and rightfulness of disciplinary penalties.

The specialists of our firm are ready to provide highly professional advice on receiving work-permits for foreigners and on any other specific nuances. We have been engaged in providing legal support for bringing dishonest employees to financial and disciplinary responsibility. On the other side, we are ready to protect the rights of an employee in case of her or his illegal dismissal or other illegal acts of an employer. The firm can also represent the interests of a client before controlling authorities in case they hold audits of labour issues at an enterprise.

Our practicing lawyers have many years of experience in labour law; they follow its development so that MVP Legal Group can provide Clients with high-quality advice on any legal issue in the sphere of labour relations.

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