Corporate law

High level of legal expertise and vast practical experience allow MVP Legal Group to provide legal services in the sphere of corporate law, particularly in its mergers and acquisitions segment.

With many years of experience in corporate law our professionals have arrived at the conclusion that practicing corporate law is not only about precisely following the rules of the written laws, it is also a mental and ethical system. Corporate norms are the rules of conduct adopted by a corporation, which include mechanisms of encouragement and discouragement.

The lawyers from the corporate practice of our firm are experienced in drafting complete packages of documents necessary for any kind of transactions aimed at acquisition of corporate rights (shares). While doing this we take into consideration both Ukrainian tax and corporate legislation and the specifics of foreign jurisdictions.

We are prepared to provide legal support for any deal – be it a trans-border or a national one. The fact that the lawyers of MVP Legal Group possess deep knowledge of Ukrainian antitrust and competition legislation enables our clients to be at their ease while conducting a business of any scale and level of complexity. We know how to draft any documents so that our Clients do not have to face any problems with antitrust authorities.

We can provide medium and large businesses with a complete package of documents for executing a restructuring of any form and scale. The lawyers of our corporate practice help medium and large corporation in drafting both external and internal documents such as corporate norms and rules of decision-making, limiting the authorities of the company’s executive body and other documents.

The lawyers of our company have substantial experience in consulting clients on the issues of corporate legislation, including the choice of the organizational form for an enterprise, establishment of economic entities, development of the corporate structure, providing legal support during state registration of constituent documents and introducing the information on the company to a unified state registry. Besides, we provide legal support in day-to-day operation of the companies (incl. drafting the materials for meetings of shareholders, preparing and editing constituent and internal documents of the companies with various forms of organization so that the requirements of antitrust legislation and securities market legislation are fulfilled), establishment of subsidiaries, registration of securities’ issues, reorganization and liquidation of companies.

The lawyers of our firm have many years of experience in legal support of corporate events, such as issues of shares/bonds, preparation and holding of the meetings of shareholders (participants) of economic entities, restructuring of the companies, bankruptcy and financial rehabilitation procedures.

Our lawyers have also amassed experience in consulting on restructuring of businesses with the purpose of increasing their capitalization. We provide a full spectrum of services in this sphere, starting from suggestions on minimizing the existing risks for the business up to the recommendations on changing the corporate structure.

Another direction of our corporate law practice is contractual work, which includes participation in negotiations, development of drafts for commercial agreements, as well as controlling their performance.

Excellent knowledge and understanding of the local specifics allow us to be ideal partners for any business. We can support you in receiving various licenses and permits, in completely structuring a transaction, performing due diligence of any level of complexity and in providing recommendations on remedying any shortcomings while guaranteeing that all our recommendations fully correspond with the norms of the effective legislation.

We know our strengths, which we can build upon, and we do believe into the projects of our Partners and Clients. At the same time we are sure that we possess the solutions, practical advice and consultations for everyone!

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