Antitrust & Competition

Active development of a business presupposes fair competition. But the circumstances of real life are not always ideal. Often the norms of the antitrust and competition legislation are violated and the competing company does, for example, abuse its monopoly. In this case you need the help of lawyers specializing in antitrust and competition.

To the services offered by the lawyers of our firm belong consultations on the issues of concerted actions preventing fair competition, explanation of the requirements of legislation on competition on certain issues such as concentration of domestic and international companies, support in special investigations.

Our lawyers represent the interests of the Clients in Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, its territorial divisions, and have reach experience in cooperation with central and local authorities. They coordinate questions of receiving permits for economic concentration and permits for coordinated actions of two or more subjects of economic activities, represent Clients’ interests in the AMCU during investigations connected with violation of antitrust norms and regulations. We also conduct cases and represent our Clients in courts in case it is impossible to find an out-of-court solution. On the other hand, our experts are engaged in order to prevent a possible investigation and to provide support in drafting answers to the request by AMCU regarding performance under antitrust norms.

Our lawyers are ready to conduct due diligence of the companies in respect of performance under the antitrust norms and finding possible violations in the previous transactions of a company. Besides, they evaluate contracts and distribution schemes through the prism of legislations of Ukraine and other countries on competition. As a part of our legal services we are also prepared to evaluate possible sanctions for abuse of monopoly.

Our lawyers have studied domestic and foreign legislations in detail and are constantly following the amendments and changes introduced to this body of laws.

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